Victorian Constructing Authority

– Home Builder (Limited to the development of structural landscaping)

– Domestic Builder (Restricted to the construction of gates and fences)

– Domestic Builder (Limited to the development of retaining partitions)

– Domestic Builder (Restricted to the construction of non-habitable constructing buildings) – this consists of private garages and carports, sheds, cabanas, gazebos and shade structures

– Domestic Builder (Limited to the development of shade buildings)

– Domestic Builder (Restricted to earthworks and excavation work) – required for big scale excavations.

You can use our Find a practitioner register to locate registered building practitioners in your suburb.

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– Energy Utilization – This performance indicator is expressed as a ratio of British Thermal Units (BTUs) for each Gross Sq. Foot (GSF) of facility, group of facilities, site, or portfolio. This indicator represents a common power consumption metric that is often thought of a worldwide commonplace. This vitality utilization metric may be tracked over a given time frame to measure changes and variances of vitality utilization. Main elements that affect BTU per gross sq. foot are exterior ambient temperature, building load changes, and equipment efficiencies. The quantity of vitality it takes for Handyman Luton heating, cooling, lighting, and gear operation per gross square foot. The indicator is traditionally represented as whole energy consumed yearly or monthly. All fuels and electricity are converted to their respective heat, or BTU content, for the purpose of totaling all energy consumed. Power Utilization = British Thermal Items BTUs /Gross Area GSF.